Partner Companies

B3 Systems Inc.

B3 Systems intends to use the findings from this project to expand our existing business intelligence software platform. Our customers are always asking for PdM tools. B3 Systems has access to large amounts of raw data from our manufacturing customers including their maintenance schedules, downtime etc. This raw data will be used in our analysis to find trends and test our PdM model. B3 Systems would build a PdM tool within our software platform to increase product offering to our customers. B3 Systems is in many different industries currently (forestry, pulp & paper, automotive, packaging etc.) During this collaboration, we intend to learn more of other industries to customize our product too.


BEMATE deals on Tourism with more than one hundred providers and customers. It collaborates with leading national and international companies, providing them expert tourism technology who assist these clients in obtaining the best solutions for their strategic high-tech tourism management needs. Therefore, BEMATE has access to the major players in industry and tourism market and can implement pilots, and promote and distribute the results of the project in relevant forums.

Çimtaş Pipe Fab and Trading Ltd. Co.

Cimtas is planning to decrease the maintenance costs and increase the ability of timely delivery in order to maintain and improve its position in the market by using the results of the project. Improvement on product quality and the amount of wastes are other profits expected. The project results are expected to increase Cimtas’ competition in the sector since Cimtas will be able to offer less in the project costs and delivery time, and more in terms of quality comparing to the competitors. Cimtas is planning to use the results in the other Cimtas plants to decrease the costs throughout the group companies.

Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri A.Ş.

Eczacıbaşı participates PIANiSM project as an end-user manufacturer and our aim is to increase our overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and as a result decreasing lead times, costs and increasing product quality and customer satisfaction which in turn will help us to achieve competitive advantage. As a starting point, we will implement this project on one part of our production lines in one location, but considering that we have 14 facilities around the world (Russia, Germany, France, and Turkey) and we exploit the results to these facilities, the gain will be much higher.


ELBEL builds, designs, implements and move to market high added-value tech solutions focused on leather and apparel companies with a market Access nearing two billion euros. Our customers and market reach out is one of the biggest in Southern Europe, and it includes apparel giant INDITEX, MANGO and many others. Hence, ELBEL is very well positioned in the textile market and has access to valuable companies and forums where the project can be promoted and the results disseminated.

Erste Kurumsal Araştırma ve Yazılım Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti.

Even though Erste Software is a very young company its founding team has around 15 years of experience in business. It already has customers in building environments in order to strengthen their building environments through Smart Environment Creation Technologies produced by Erste Software. PIANiSM project is going to extend IoT related software products portfolio of Erste Software and will be a good opportunity to deliver new services for the customers in Industry domain. Erste is going to organize several meetings in Ankara, Turkey in order to disseminate project results in Industrial organizations.

Experis IT

EXPERIS IT Media & Telco division offers tailored SW solutions for large-scale corporations such as Alcatel Lucent, France Telecom, INDRA, Telefonica, etc. playing the role of technological provider within strategic and reliable projects. Most of the software projects where EXPERIS IT is involved are based on client-server architectures. Through the data optimization and multiprotocol translation, EXPERIS IT staff has succeeded in developing commercial solutions together with international enterprises. An example of this success is the involvement in a key Network Management Project with Spanish major telco operator (Telefonica). Also, EXPERIS IT can offer expertise in Cloud Computing architectures (i.e. old Grid oriented Globus Framework) and commercial solutions (i.e. Amazon Web Services – AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, etc.).


GODOY builds, designs, implements and move to market high added-value tech solutions focused on leather and apparel companies with a market access nearing two billion euros. Our customers and market reach out is one of the biggest in Southern Europe, and it includes apparel giant INDITEX, MANGO and many others. Hence, GODOY is very well positioned in the textile market and has access to valuable companies and forums where the project can be promoted and the results disseminated.


As research centre that works closely to a diversity of companies and associations, ISEP-GECAD will develop, promote, install and undertake the maintenance of the results of the PIANiSM project. More in detail, ISEP-GECAD expects to promote the technological transfer of the research methods and prototypes, on the area of failure detection and prediction, suboptimal operation condition and root cause analysis, to the industrial partner involved in the project. Besides that GECAD will identify, attend and promote events that bring together the academic and industrial communities, to assure the transfer of knowledge, as well as the transfer of technology. GECAD will also take part in the dissemination and exploitation activities by participating in conferences and publishing papers in top journals; by organizing workshops and tutorials. GECAD will disseminate PIANiSM results abroad Europe, mainly in USA, Brazil and South Korea, as we got several partners from universities and regularly participate in events that join the academic and industrial communities from those countries.

KocDigital Solutions Inc.


KoçSistem plays a major role in the digital transformation of enterprises offering a great variety of smart solutions in megatrends including the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Corporate Mobility and Smart Solutions. KoçSistem offers infrastructure transformation solutions, business applications and managed services solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, consumer durables, automotive, transportation as well as the public sector. KoçSistem is the market leader in the digital transformation of industries in Turkey. KoçSistem has been giving more importance to the digital transformation in its agenda each year and calls this smart world full of brand new opportunities NoW, i.e. the New Opportunities World. KoçSistem, with its Industry 4.0 approach, offers customers a smart factory concept that is built with smart infrastructures, smart machines, and technologies necessary for smart employees, and rendered smart and connected with the technology of internet of things. KoçSistem will implement the project outputs to its customers. The expected outputs of the PIANiSM project will strengthen and extend the product portfolio of KoçSistem. The main goals of the project are in line with KoçSistem's ambition and roadmap.


Nimbeo builds, designs, implements and move to market high added-value tech solutions focused on EdTech, telecommunications and Smart Grids, encompassed by the Smart Big Data paradigm. Specifically, Nimbeo is currently collaborating in large two projects related to Smart Grids with relevant companies in Spain (Iberdrola, Gas Natural, Indra, REE) and Norway (eSmartSystems, Movation). Hence, Nimbeo is well positioned in the market and has access to valuable companies and forums where the project can be promoted and the results disseminated.

ORAU Orhan Automotive

Today, automotive manufacturers are mostly working with zero stock. This refers to the production and supply on request for the supplier companies. From this point of view, failures and unpredictable maintenance in production can cause the production to slow down or stop. From this point of view, the system to be developed by the PIANiSM project will ensure that maintenance and failures can be anticipated by special algorithm. This will help to minimize the time lost due to both unobserved maintenance and faulty production. Another issue is that when the production machines fail, they will stop working or the failure will be noticed in a short time, but sometimes the failure does not directly affect the operation of the machine, it can cause deterioration of part quality and dimensional accuracy. In these cases, the produced products are discarded and both the loss of capacity and the loss of material are increased. With PIANiSM system such problems will be minimized and the scrap costs can be reduced. Scrap costs are those that affect part prices, and the reduced scrap rates will lead to a reduction in part prices and will increase competitiveness in terms of pricing.

SISTRADE Software Consulting, S.A.

As a result of the project, SISTRADE will be able to enrich its ERP solution with the PdM aspect, since to date, it only addresses Maintenance in a Preventive and Corrective perspective. SISTRADE will be able to approach its current Customers portfolio (national and international market) as well as reach new Clients. SISTRADE has industry Customers in more than 20 countries, where the results of the project could be presented and deployed. Also, SISTRADE participates as exhibitor in many trade fairs in different countries, where the visitors are Industry directors and managers, and where SISTRADE can present and disseminate the results of the project.

Tupras-Turkish Petroleum Refineries

As a partner of PIANSM, firstly main aim is creating open source PdM model and API which is applicable for TUPRAS Izmit Refineries’ rotating equipment (pumps, after may be compressors will be added) in short term, in mid-term all TUPRAS refineries (4 refineries). Because of that end product is expected to become compatible and easy to integrate for other rotating equipment, data historian and platforms in other refineries. Being the most complex and biggest industrial company in Turkey, TUPRAS plays an important role in spreading know-how and technology both in refinery and chemical industry. The dissemination and knowledge transfer might be made through presentation of the results at conferences and in tutorials, both in connection with conferences. Publications at scientific conferences, in journals and also popular magazines. A workshop might also be organised to present and discuss the project results.

Turk Traktor ve Ziraat Makineleri A.S.

Being an end user, TürkTraktör will exploit the project results in its equipment park for the machines of the same type and range as the selected machines in the short-term. TürkTraktör will also apply the same methodology and prediction model, which will be developed in this project, in order to develop predictive maintenance models and algorithms for the remaining machines of different types in the mid-term. In the long-term, TürkTraktör will contribute to expand the use of the methodology to its partners where possible through the value chain to be able satisfy the customer demand all over the world on a timely and more sustainable manner by producing quality products on schedule with lower costs. For TürkTraktör, it is also possible to market the collected data to the machine manufacturers for further R&D studies to be performed for improved machine performance.


Vestel aims to increase its brand penetration and market share in international markets through the well-known regional brands acquired in Europe, and under the brand licensing agreements signed with the global brands in addition to expanding its customer portfolio. In line with its profitable growth strategy, Vestel is increasing the share of mid-high-end products in its sales mix. As Turkey’s leading exporter in the electronics sector, Vestel exported its products to 156 countries in 2017. Vestel carries out its sales and marketing activities in the European market through the local sales and distribution network of the 10 foreign trade companies under Vestel Ticaret, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vestel. The European sales and distribution network consists of the foreign trade companies in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and Poland.


VIZELPAS will exploit the results in their own production lines, in this way the company will benefits of the results of the PIANiSM project, additional ICT tools, real time monitoring, assessment and decision making in order to: Save undesired costs, avoid stopping production losses, reduce equipment downtime, reduce emergencies and number of failures, reduce the production of defective parts, increase production, improve production quality, increase security, and increase equipment life.