About the PIANISM Project

PIANiSM aims at putting together predictive and prescriptive maintenance techniques in order to achieve an end-to-end automated manufacturing process and optimize end-to-end manufacturing value chains. To disrupt traditional maintenance processes in manufacturing environments, a sophisticated system is required. This system will cover a wide range of domains such as data science, machine learning, analytics, simulation, real-time processing. PIANiSM will provide related missing analytics techniques and algorithms, introduce new generation data identification & integration & modeling processes, and try to put standards in order to enable more flexible and applicable solutions for manufacturers.

The technological innovations, process innovations, and novelty beyond the state-of-the-art art can be found below:

The PIANiSM consortium consists of 16 partners from 4 countries. Since the project is strongly focused on the predictive maintenance concept, having different datasets from different industries is critical. Therefore, the consortium contains 9 use-case companies from different industries. The predictive maintenance platform that will be realized during the PIANiSM project will be independent of the industry. To achieve this, the PIANiSM consortium has planned 9 industrial scale pilots in 8 different domains. Furthermore, the PIANiSM consortium attaches great importance to the creation of PdM roadmaps for both manufacturers and technology providers. The other partners in the consortium are experienced on I-IoT, data analytics, data science, and simulation.